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Lunch, Learn and Beer

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I just returned from KPCC’s first in a series of Lunch-n-Learn events. The guest speaker was Meg Gill, the 29 year old who with a partner started Golden Road Brewery.

While there are plenty of retail outlets that carry the brand now, the real hero is the converted train-changing station in Northeast Los Angeles. This brand really proves how the product = culture.

The Brewery offers a couple of simple, but pretty amazing things at the site as they cater to their customer: an area for pets, an area for kids and food for the vegans in your life.





By accident they happened upon a new experimental way of printing on cans using high resolution photos.

09_17_13_getupoffathatbrown_3 09_17_13_getupoffathatbrown_4 golden-road-brewing

and yes they served beer at lunch…. Hiccup

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