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If You Were Alive in the 70s and 80s….

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…you’ll recognize it as the former font used in Apple’s early logos, as well as those of Trapper Keeper and Reebok—which kept it in use well into contemporary times. motter tekturasource: Fonts In Use:

Motter Tektura is an ever-groovin typeface created by the Austrian designer Othmar Motter of Vorarlberger Graphik in 1975 and distributed by Letraset. Although there are some digital fonts that try their darndest to capture the style—there’s nothin like the real thing bebe.

Here is a crude, handmade option (don’t be fooled by the links that say “Free Download” that are ads!) :

Motter T


Really cool graphic of rainbow lettering

Based on the logo used between 1976 and 1998. Typography Motter Tektura.

reebok logo


very groovy Steam Roller album cover

..and what is Antonio Banderas, Gene Simmons, David Cassidy, Ringo Starr, and Mick Jagger doing in a band together anyway?


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